Thursday, January 8, 2015

Jews vs. Arabs vs. Britain

Here is a picture that I found that is a good visual representation of what is currently going on with my people today.  Currently, the Jews and the Arabs are fighting to win Palestine for their own (even though the land rightfully belongs to us).  The Arabs think that they deserve the land because it is next to the Dome of the Rock where Muhammad ascended into heaven, but our temples are actually built in Palestine.  Not only that but they were destroyed through fighting between us.  To make things better Britain seems to be on our side by promoting Zionism and supporting us.  They have however supposedly made an agreement with France to take the land for themselves.  If Britain decides to take the land for themselves it will end in extreme violence and show how greedy the British really are.  It isn’t Britain’s Holy Land it is ours and we deserve it back!

Zionism Explained - EPIC Interview Part 1 of 2

 This is a cool video that I have found and it explains why we, as Jews, are against the rules of Zionism.  We believe that God has granted us the land of Palestine, but we have lost it due to our sins.  It would be going against God if we just took the land back with Britain's help.  God must give us this land back. Zionism is violating God's will for us.  This is our Holy Land and it holds the last part of our second temple which was destroyed along with the first temple during the battles.  We do believe that the land is rightfully ours but we think it should be granted to us in a religious way or we will be sinning against God's own will for us.  I honestly think that if Zionism is going to help us get the land, so we should follow through with it and it won't be considered a sin.  We will finally be back at home in our Holy Land.

My Introduction

Hi, my name is Jessica.  I am eight-teen years old and I live with my brother, Noah, and my mother in Palestine.  My father was killed when I was only ten due to a raid that took place in our small town.  He was dragged out of our small home and was killed only minutes after.  Right now my family and I are living in Palestine, but it is no longer a safe place for us because of the violent, evil Arabs who were are currently fighting with.  This blog will be full of updates of where we, the Jews, are as far as our process in getting Palestine back.  Enjoy!

Thursday, January 1, 2015


This Blog was created for the purpose of a school project.  The views expressed are not my own personal views, but the views of a fictional character from the time period of WWI.